Barb Smith and Jennifer Scharman open the Second Chance Thrift Shoppe to support Wanderers’ Rest

Volunteer Lyn Livermore provides customer service with a smile at the Thrift Shoppe

Wanderers’ Rest board president Gerald Taylor presents a plaque to Jennifer Scharman and Barb Smith at the Second Hand Thrift Shoppe volunteer appreciation event

Re-Opening for Two Weekends Only

Currently uncertain about the future of the Thrift Shoppe, we will be open on Friday and Saturday March 28th and 29th and again on April 4th and 5th for a 50% off sale. If we are able to relocate, it’s a great deal for you, the shopper, and us the people who will have to pack up and move. If the relocation will take a while, it’s still a great deal for you and easier for us to pack and store. Hope you turn out to wish us well! Looking forward to seeing everyone again.


Wanderers’ Rest won the appeal against the village of Canastota – Way To Go WR!!! They have the right to purchase the building in the business park. It will be 100 times better than the current shelter building which is too small and outdated for what they need. Heated floors for the dogs!! Bigger homes for the cats. Meeting rooms, educational programs and staff space. Someone was looking out for them, that’s for sure!

Closed for the Winter and Maybe Forever

The Second Chance Thrift Shoppe has closed for the winter. Thanks to all who have supported us again in 2013. We were able to give Wanderers’ Rest over $20,000 again this year. We are so proud of our efforts and the loyalty of our donors and customers.
We regret to report that this may be the end of our wonderful adventure. The “manager” has had to step down for personal reasons. The current location, which we have outgrown anyway, will not be available after April 2014. No new location has been found as of yet and the Shelter does not feel that they can afford to pay someone to manage the business, a position that was previously held by a volunteer. Therefore, unless something changes in the next few months, there will be a going out of business sale held in late March or early April.  Please watch this site for updated information and thank you for supporting us and the animal shelter.

Sad State of Affairs in Canastota

If you have visited Wanderers’ Rest website or if you were at the Canine Classic, you must be aware that they have started a capital campaign for a new building.  However, in the infinite wisdom and short sightedness of the village of Canastota, Wanderers’ Rest has been turned down.  They were looking to purchase a building in the business park located off Route 5 at the location that was previously the old airport.  It would have provided a much needed upgrade to more humane living conditions for the animals and improved space for staff including meeting rooms, more storage and training rooms.

The owner of the building in question had generously agreed to a very fair price and completely agrees that the shelter needs a better location.  Another business owner in the park was pleased at the thought of the additional exposure from the traffic the shelter would bring through the business park.  A number of Canastota business owners have expressed their support of this move to me as well.  In fact, it appears that the only people against it are the mayor and zoning board members.  Apparently, the powers that be that govern the village are quite possibly the kinds of people who kick puppies and rip the wings off butterflies. There is a very telling article in the Utica Observer Dispatch in which the mayor makes a distinction between the supporters of the shelter and the rest of the people of the village.

The welfare of the animals should be the only concern.  Wanderers’ Rest has a desire to provide the most humane living conditions for the animals while they await their forever homes.  Their hopes for that and their goals in general have been shot down by the village.  The petty politics of a back water town that hardly makes the map should not play into it at all.

Here’s hoping that Wanderers’ Rest finds a new home outside of the village of Canastota and takes with it the jobs it currently has and the additional jobs that this move would have generated for them.  Let them be a shining example of what an animal shelter should be.  Let them bring visitors to a town that would be more welcoming and supporting of their cause.



Winter is coming, we are going

We will be getting ready to close for the winter months so be sure to make the trip for the last great bargains of the year.  Our last weekend will be December 13th and 14th.  Stop out to see what specials we will be running for the last six weeks of the 2013 season.

One Last Raffle

We will be holding one last basket raffle for 2013.  All the money we have raised through the raffles is going to the new building campaign for Wanderers’ Rest.  Help us make this last one the biggest one.

Canine Classic

On Sunday September 29th, the Second Chance Thrift Shoppe will have a booth at the Canine Classic.  We will have some of our favorite things for sale.  As with the shoppe itself, all money raised will be given to Wanderers’ Rest for the direct care of the animals.  Be sure to visit the Wanderers’ Rest website for more details of the event.  And be sure to stop by and say hi to the volunteers staffing our booth.  It should be a fun filled day with lots of activities and the chance to meet a few celebrities from the Animal Planet.


Friday and Saturday June 22nd and 23rd, we will be having a Half Way to Christmas Sale.  Be sure to stop out and see what great bargains you can find.  The front porch will be filled with some really special items.  Weather permitting of course!  If necessary, we will move the great deals inside.  On Saturday from 11am – 3pm, visit with some animals from Wanderers’ Rest while you’re there.  See who benefits from the sales at the thrift shoppe.  Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Second Chance to Offer Basket Raffles

Each month the thrift shoppe will have several baskets to raffle off.  The empty baskets have been donated to the shoppe but the contents will all be new items, not second hand things from the shoppe.  The first three are: a doggie basket including gift certificates for groom and boarding as well as a number of toys, valued at approximately $150; a baking basket with about $30 worth of baking utensils and gadgets, and a movie night basket valued at about $25.

Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5.  Stop by the shoppe or contact a volunteer for tickets.  The drawing will be held the last Saturday of the month with new baskets being offered the first Friday of each month.  Come on in and take a chance!

Upcoming Adoption Event

Wanderers’ Rest will be holding an adoption event at the thrift shoppe on Saturday June 22nd from 11am – 3pm.  Please stop out and meet the animals who benefit from the sales at the thrift shoppe!